Timing, Transitions and the Trine

The aspect of Trine in astrology is significant in that it represents harmony; it brings two opposing forces into perfect balance. A good example of that is to use two quarreling parties that need a mediator to reach a civil agreement. The mediator plays the role of the Trine, helping the two opposing parties find a common middle ground between them. The Trine aspect simply means channeling the best of two planets and bestowing those attributes on a lucky soul born under that astrological combination.

In astrology, when the planets are within 120 degrees of each other, it is said that they are in Trine. When two planets are in Trine, this means that they are in perfect harmony and balance with each other. In astrology, someone born under this phenomenon gains the fluidity and ease expressed by these planets. They possess a natural ability to have things around them flow effortlessly and without conflict, making them appealing to those around them and likely the center of attention wherever they go.

Though birth beneath a Trine has its advantages, as with everything else, it can also create stagnancy for the individual. It is hard to motivate yourself to do great things when great things just happen to fall into your lap with no real effort from you. If you are lucky enough to enter into the world under such a blessed occurrence, your perpetual good luck probably keeps you from noticing anything but the good, making you very lucky indeed.